Volunteers needed for BINGO

In the spring, Roanoke Moose Lodge 284 will be starting Bingo games that will be open to the public. The purpose of the Bingo games is to help build community in the valley and to raise funds for the lodge and our charities. In order to be successful with this initiative, we need your help!

Specifically, we need your help in two areas: either as testers during some dry runs, or as our operations team members. Of course, we would also love it if you could volunteer for both!

Dry run testers will need to be available for the first few weeks of the year to help us troubleshoot and fine-tune our operations. You will run our operations teams through their paces and help us put our best foot forward when it comes to launch time. We need 15-20 people to help us with dry runs.

Operations team members will need to be willing to commit to volunteering at least one Monday a month, preferably two, for the 2017 year. We need 7-10 members per team with a minimum of 2 teams.

Please email us if you can help us with dry runs or as member of an operations team.


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