Courtesies Flourish at Moosehaven

From the time we wake up until we go to bed you hear nothing but greeting and salutations from members living here that are so thankful for what we have and what is done for us each and every day.

To the staff we say the word “thanks” to you over and over yet we feel it is not enough, you go out of your way for our wellness and comfort and to us with certain whims that are off the wall they even try to make them happen.

You will never find another retirement community any where on “God’s Green Earth” that has what we have, and if there was, I for one would never move as some of these communities talk the talk but don’t walk the walk.

This story was told to me by one our residents who will be 96 on December 2, “I was put into a nursing home where I was wheeled each day to a room with others who just slept, now at Moosehaven I feel my life has been saved, I get out by myself in my motorized chair, I go to bingo and so many other activities, I feel that I am never alone any more and I have a lot to do to keep me active and happy.”

We have hundreds of stories like this here at Moosehaven and you will hear them repeated day after day by so many thankful residents.

Merry Christmas and a fantastic New Year to all of you from all us happy and grateful Moosehaven Residents

Send in by the Bard of Moosehaven, Everett C. Goodwin


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