Poems that are sent to me from above

These poems that are written by my hand
are given to me by a special man

We pray to him each and every night
for he has given us a life without plight

He knows of the children that we care for who are in need
each year we are sent more to house, clothe and feed

Our family teachers see that they all past their test
our educators we are sent are only the best

To college over eighty percent of our students will go
off to a better life that some would never have got to know

Over one hundred years Mooseheart has shown the way
to thousands of little ones who had no home to stay

Men and women of the Moose fore-filled their every desire
giving them the tools that life require

Thus in the limelight we wish not to bask
from our hearts we gladly do this task

Responsibility for those so young in age
should never be measured by any gauge

This type of caring comes from deep inside
when we put our heads on our pillow its done with such pride

Your Bard


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