Ode to our beautiful “Moose” members

When renovations were needed at the Mooseheart school
you raised eleven million and made it a jewel

Giving education to hundreds yet to come
for these children a life that never will be glum

You were ask for another ten million to be seeded
a new “Centennial Building” at Moosehaven was needed

With a little push this goal is in sight
making the future of our seniors look so bright

So many of our members now in retirement age
in their book of life you have added a new page

For all this we send you our thanks
you are the ones who fill out our ranks

You have shown the world what can be done
when your heart holds the warmth of the sun

The caring for seniors and children alike
has for so many told poverty to take a hike

Our Women of the Moose so often has led the way
from this place of prominence we hope they never sway

A tip of the antlers to all
from a grateful group at Moosehaven


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