Why I love to tell these great “Moose” stories

I love to rhyme the greatest of these stories
about those the “Moose” has given no more worries

Of children on their pillow they can now lie their head
without the terrible dreams that they once dread

Gone is the starvation and abuse so many once knew
these smiling young faces a new life they can pursue

So many have gone on to make the world a better place
uplifted to a top spot in the human race

Our seniors in retirement do not have to fret
their work never done yet a requirement they have met

To live in a paradise that some only can dream
knowing the work we have done is done as a team

We do not have to chose between medicine or food
or sitting all day with nothing to do but brood

Ours is one big happy second life to live
for we have so many more years to give

Americans are the greatest for caring in the world
always saluting our flag as it is unfurled

Your Bard


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