I would donate the farm for what Moosehaven has given me

Yes I would give away the farm
for this beautiful place and all its charm

For this chance at a second life
without any burdens or strife

This is a retirement most will never know
as age has geared us down to slow

Of so many activities to fit our pace
that we can do with assurance and grace

Our days are fill with so many stories to tell
those gorgeous dreams of the past we now can dwell

The quaintness of a village that needs to be told
above expectations that you will never behold

There are so many new friends we hold dear
and conversations that will bring a tear

So much in common Moose members do share
right down to the coloring of our white hair

With a knock on our door its time to play
to get a seat at our table you best not delay

To you out there who only have worries
we here are living with all the glories

The Bard of Moosehaven


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