Magnificent Moosehaven on the beautiful Saint John River

As the beautiful Saint John River slowly flows north
a bright new day to all is savored and brought forth

Moving at our retirement pace
to make living here a perfect place

It soothes us with a soft warm breeze
which makes you reach out to give someone a squeeze

This causes our stately trees to gently sway
for all this is each night is why we pray

With the scent of all the flowers abloom
some would call this heavens waiting room

Members for a visit come each day
to see where as seniors they will stay

After their tour they are awed
for everything they have seen all do laud

They leave Moosehaven with such a happy vision
eased in how to make their final decision

In their hearts our secret now is a glow
memories in pictures they did stow

Of this paradise on earth they have now found
where so many in their nineties do abound

The Bard of Moosehaven


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