To Mooseheart God sends his most beautiful children

These beautiful children are sent to our care
by a God who came to answer their lonely prayer

Of a life were they can run and have lots of fun
a soft pillow to lie on when they are done

Knowing they are kept warm and safe
right down to our tiniest waif

To study and learn how to make the world a better place
doing it with a cert-en finesse and grace

For themselves and their school they will bring honor
growing to be some of our greatest fawner

After college a new future for them
as they are as bright as a gleaming gem

Exceeding to excellence in all they do
standing so tall, brave and true

They amazes us all and and make so proud
from the Mountain tops their stories we yell aloud

From sea to sea we wish them Gods speed
with the knowledge of how great they will succeed

The Bard of Moosehaven


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