Moosehaven visit by our beautiful Mooseheart girls

To visit Moosehaven came six beautiful girls
Mooseheart sent the best of their pearls

Here to spend a week with us
for those who live here it’s another plus

They are so pleasant to be around
never making a rash or loud sound

Having manners that outshine most
of their family teachers we can only boast

At breakfast when we see their graceful smiles
shows us they are being raised in the best of styles

We wish more members could only see
the difference in a child’s life that can be

By signing those outside our fraternity’s gate
you can make what we do even more great

Get on the phone and collect some dues
wake up those who tend to snooze

Bring them back by showing our pride
of helping children get up to their stride

The Bard of Moosehaven


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