The purpose for the Roanoke Moose Lodge is to bring like-minded people together; those that have a sense of belonging to an organization that does good for the community, and the country. Our lodge offers a welcoming space for families, from children to seniors, and is therefore recognized by Moose International as a Moose Family Center.

Community Service

The community service aspect of our lodge is a little bit different than other Moose fraternal lodges because of the size of our facility. Because we have the space that other lodges do not have, we have the ability to bring the community to us and help you in your mission by providing the space for your benefit or fundraising event.

With a commercial-grade kitchen and a grand event hall capable of hosting up to 1000 people, our facility is able to support large-scale events, benefit banquets, charitable fundraisers, medical fundraisers, and more. Those benefits or fundraising events bring money to where it is most needed – providing aid to a cause, to families, or to communities.

When you host your event at Roanoke Moose Lodge 284’s facility, your event is staffed by a small army of volunteers who step up to provide logistical, catering, setup/take-down, and parking support on an as-needed basis. Please contact us to discuss your needs.