Why was this particular animal chosen to represent a humanitarian fraternal order? The answer is fairly straightforward. The moose is a large, powerful animal, but one which is a protector not a predator.

“He takes only what he needs, nothing more…yet for his great size and strength he lives in peace with other creatures. The moose uses his size and power not to dominate but to protect, not to spoil but to preserve. He is a fierce protector, a loyal companion, and a generous provider who brings comfort and security to those within his defending circle.”

It is these characteristics of the moose in the wild that the human members of the Moose fraternity have modeled for decades in the establishment and operation of Mooseheart, the organization’s community and school for children and teens in need; and Moosehaven, the retirement community for Moose men and women; as well as in service to its communities.