Bard of Moosehaven

Why I love to tell these great “Moose” stories

I love to rhyme the greatest of these stories
about those the “Moose” has given no more worries

Of children on their pillow they can now lie their head
without the terrible dreams that they once dread

Gone is the starvation and abuse so many once knew
these smiling young faces a new life they can pursue

So many have gone on to make the world a better place
uplifted to a top spot in the human race

Our seniors in retirement do not have to fret
their work never done yet a requirement they have met

To live in a paradise that some only can dream
knowing the work we have done is done as a team

We do not have to chose between medicine or food
or sitting all day with nothing to do but brood

Ours is one big happy second life to live
for we have so many more years to give

Americans are the greatest for caring in the world
always saluting our flag as it is unfurled

Your Bard


Bard of Moosehaven

Ode to our beautiful “Moose” members

When renovations were needed at the Mooseheart school
you raised eleven million and made it a jewel

Giving education to hundreds yet to come
for these children a life that never will be glum

You were ask for another ten million to be seeded
a new “Centennial Building” at Moosehaven was needed

With a little push this goal is in sight
making the future of our seniors look so bright

So many of our members now in retirement age
in their book of life you have added a new page

For all this we send you our thanks
you are the ones who fill out our ranks

You have shown the world what can be done
when your heart holds the warmth of the sun

The caring for seniors and children alike
has for so many told poverty to take a hike

Our Women of the Moose so often has led the way
from this place of prominence we hope they never sway

A tip of the antlers to all
from a grateful group at Moosehaven

Bard of Moosehaven

Poems that are sent to me from above

These poems that are written by my hand
are given to me by a special man

We pray to him each and every night
for he has given us a life without plight

He knows of the children that we care for who are in need
each year we are sent more to house, clothe and feed

Our family teachers see that they all past their test
our educators we are sent are only the best

To college over eighty percent of our students will go
off to a better life that some would never have got to know

Over one hundred years Mooseheart has shown the way
to thousands of little ones who had no home to stay

Men and women of the Moose fore-filled their every desire
giving them the tools that life require

Thus in the limelight we wish not to bask
from our hearts we gladly do this task

Responsibility for those so young in age
should never be measured by any gauge

This type of caring comes from deep inside
when we put our heads on our pillow its done with such pride

Your Bard

Bard of Moosehaven

Every day there are miracles at Moosehaven

The caring here is so supreme
many more years of life you will redeem

Here we do not scheme or plot
for we are a long way from a cemetery lot

We salute those who look after us
they do out without any fume of fuss

Our lives are made more green and plush
we are never caught in the every day rush

With the tide of life we do go
perfectly each hour does ebb and floe

In this retirement community all our needs are met
for the rest of our lives we are set

Our beautiful caregivers reach out with a helping hand
all our members can some day be part of the Moosehaven clan

In this paradise we are blessed with another awesome day
we feel we are chosen in “Gods” special way

The Bard of Moosehaven

Bard of Moosehaven

Former members all sing the same song

Why my dues I did not pay
for this wisdom I now do pray

I am stuck in the corner of a nursing home
no where am I allowed to roam

Here I sit as a forgotten person
as I watch my health decline and worsen

My Moose family I could have been with
now I have lost all since of pith

In life we have lost the will to live
we feel there is nothing more to give

Here of beautiful Moosehaven we do sing
for in our foot steps we have a lot of zing

Together we are make each other go
each day passes with such warmth and glow

Our faithful members look after us well
only of the best things in life we have to dwell

We thank and wish you all the best
in retirement we all deserve never to be stressed

The Bard of Moosehaven