Bard of Moosehaven

Former members all sing the same song

Why my dues I did not pay
for this wisdom I now do pray

I am stuck in the corner of a nursing home
no where am I allowed to roam

Here I sit as a forgotten person
as I watch my health decline and worsen

My Moose family I could have been with
now I have lost all since of pith

In life we have lost the will to live
we feel there is nothing more to give

Here of beautiful Moosehaven we do sing
for in our foot steps we have a lot of zing

Together we are make each other go
each day passes with such warmth and glow

Our faithful members look after us well
only of the best things in life we have to dwell

We thank and wish you all the best
in retirement we all deserve never to be stressed

The Bard of Moosehaven

Bard of Moosehaven

At Moosehaven 100’s of Veterans have hit the Jackpot

At Moosehaven all veterans get the best of care
they get us back on their feet and out of our lair

Specialist when needed we get to see them all
our Moose Legionnaires see that we stand that tall

We don’t use the V.A. and their tangled web
our tide of caring keeps rising and doesn’t ebb

The Women of the Moose are at our side
four living here have served with so such pride

Several who attends to our every need
in the military their skills they learned in deed

Therapist staffed here are the last to see us
adding to our lives years that are a plus

This advantage is there for all Moose members
do not wait until the glow is gone from all your embers

If your still have just a little spark
here you too will feel you hit it out of the ball park

From a loving family a burden you will lift
your Moose membership has giving you this greatest gift

The Bard of Moosehaven

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Bard of Moosehaven

Moosehaven is aging with grace

Aging with grace is the name of our game
doing it with dignity is our claim to fame

Longevity records here we will set
allowed to do it at Moosehaven without a fret

Yes it will be done with the best of grace
as we can do it at our own pace

Gone is the strife of everyday life
except for those who follow orders from a wife

We look forward to each new day
doing it with such swagger and sway

We have no pressure or are squeezed
ending our day feeling so pleased

This turns into months and then years
from all of this we send out cheers

No one should have to be home alone
worrying each day about the unknown

The Bard of Moosehaven