Mooseheart’s kids annual visit to Moosehaven

When they arrive they make our hearts shine
especially as they sit with us and dine

This is our chance to reach out and bond
as always this make us grow near and fond

Their pleasantness makes us want to stand up and sing
to let the whole world know of their special zing

As they grow and set such a high personal mark
we can see the will make it and this is no lark

Their dream and aspirations they will attain
for all their hard work will never be in vain

In their eyes we see our great leaders of the future
who will keep this America together with their own type of suture

The happiness we get from the warm glow of their smile
will be in our hearts forever and a mile

In their leaving a little sadness we will feel and fear
until they look back and say hope to see you next year

The Bard of Moosehaven, Everett C. Goodwin


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