Bard of Moosehaven

Moosehaven visit by our beautiful Mooseheart girls

To visit Moosehaven came six beautiful girls
Mooseheart sent the best of their pearls

Here to spend a week with us
for those who live here it’s another plus

They are so pleasant to be around
never making a rash or loud sound

Having manners that outshine most
of their family teachers we can only boast

At breakfast when we see their graceful smiles
shows us they are being raised in the best of styles

We wish more members could only see
the difference in a child’s life that can be

By signing those outside our fraternity’s gate
you can make what we do even more great

Get on the phone and collect some dues
wake up those who tend to snooze

Bring them back by showing our pride
of helping children get up to their stride

The Bard of Moosehaven


Bard of Moosehaven

To Mooseheart God sends his most beautiful children

These beautiful children are sent to our care
by a God who came to answer their lonely prayer

Of a life were they can run and have lots of fun
a soft pillow to lie on when they are done

Knowing they are kept warm and safe
right down to our tiniest waif

To study and learn how to make the world a better place
doing it with a cert-en finesse and grace

For themselves and their school they will bring honor
growing to be some of our greatest fawner

After college a new future for them
as they are as bright as a gleaming gem

Exceeding to excellence in all they do
standing so tall, brave and true

They amazes us all and and make so proud
from the Mountain tops their stories we yell aloud

From sea to sea we wish them Gods speed
with the knowledge of how great they will succeed

The Bard of Moosehaven

Bard of Moosehaven

Magnificent Moosehaven on the beautiful Saint John River

As the beautiful Saint John River slowly flows north
a bright new day to all is savored and brought forth

Moving at our retirement pace
to make living here a perfect place

It soothes us with a soft warm breeze
which makes you reach out to give someone a squeeze

This causes our stately trees to gently sway
for all this is each night is why we pray

With the scent of all the flowers abloom
some would call this heavens waiting room

Members for a visit come each day
to see where as seniors they will stay

After their tour they are awed
for everything they have seen all do laud

They leave Moosehaven with such a happy vision
eased in how to make their final decision

In their hearts our secret now is a glow
memories in pictures they did stow

Of this paradise on earth they have now found
where so many in their nineties do abound

The Bard of Moosehaven

Bard of Moosehaven

Your Home Should be our Home

If your mind is starting to roam
for home repairs you need a loan

Cooking for yourself is becoming a chore
you re lie on others to get to the store

Putting things off for another day
saying medicine or food which one do I pay

No copay for the doctor I can not go
spending the winter shut in by snow

The car is old and needs repair
going up stairs you run out of air

Family has grown and moved away
each day alone I do stay

If on the highway you hate to drive
fearing each day you will never survive

In our lives we have no more danger
we do not fear of a knock from a stranger

If any of these dilemmas you have a few
our home we would gladly share with you

Moosehaven is the greatest place to stay
with helpful staff going out of their way

The Bard of Moosehaven

Bard of Moosehaven

I would donate the farm for what Moosehaven has given me

Yes I would give away the farm
for this beautiful place and all its charm

For this chance at a second life
without any burdens or strife

This is a retirement most will never know
as age has geared us down to slow

Of so many activities to fit our pace
that we can do with assurance and grace

Our days are fill with so many stories to tell
those gorgeous dreams of the past we now can dwell

The quaintness of a village that needs to be told
above expectations that you will never behold

There are so many new friends we hold dear
and conversations that will bring a tear

So much in common Moose members do share
right down to the coloring of our white hair

With a knock on our door its time to play
to get a seat at our table you best not delay

To you out there who only have worries
we here are living with all the glories

The Bard of Moosehaven