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Active Duty Military & First Responder Program

Active Duty Military and First Responder Program

Through December 31st, Roanoke Moose Lodge and Moose International will waive all first-year fees and dues for active military personnel (including National Guard) and first responders*. This applies to Loyal Order of the Moose as well as Women of the Moose.

If you know someone is serving our country or provides first responder services for our community, reach out to them and encourage them to join.

*This special program does not apply to veterans, doctors, nurses, and Moose multi-members.

Bard of Moosehaven

Moosehaven is aging with grace

Aging with grace is the name of our game
doing it with dignity is our claim to fame

Longevity records here we will set
allowed to do it at Moosehaven without a fret

Yes it will be done with the best of grace
as we can do it at our own pace

Gone is the strife of everyday life
except for those who follow orders from a wife

We look forward to each new day
doing it with such swagger and sway

We have no pressure or are squeezed
ending our day feeling so pleased

This turns into months and then years
from all of this we send out cheers

No one should have to be home alone
worrying each day about the unknown

The Bard of Moosehaven

Bard of Moosehaven

Gifts from the “Heart”

A gift that is given from the heart
in life can give a child a fresh start

When they look at you with tears a streaming
you know inside they are a beaming

Even if it is just something small
in their eyes you stand so tall

It is sad to say that so many have nothing
yet giving a little can set you a blushing

Yes you have just stepped up to the plate
maybe you have saved someone before its to late

Our Moose members know these feeling so well
over one hundred years stories of giving they can tell

Thousands of children who’s faces they have lit
men and women on their hands they did not sit

It is not thanks they are looking for
just a chance to help a child to even the score

The Bard of Moosehaven
Everett C. Goodwin

Bard of Moosehaven

Courtesies Flourish at Moosehaven

From the time we wake up until we go to bed you hear nothing but greeting and salutations from members living here that are so thankful for what we have and what is done for us each and every day.

To the staff we say the word “thanks” to you over and over yet we feel it is not enough, you go out of your way for our wellness and comfort and to us with certain whims that are off the wall they even try to make them happen.

You will never find another retirement community any where on “God’s Green Earth” that has what we have, and if there was, I for one would never move as some of these communities talk the talk but don’t walk the walk.

This story was told to me by one our residents who will be 96 on December 2, “I was put into a nursing home where I was wheeled each day to a room with others who just slept, now at Moosehaven I feel my life has been saved, I get out by myself in my motorized chair, I go to bingo and so many other activities, I feel that I am never alone any more and I have a lot to do to keep me active and happy.”

We have hundreds of stories like this here at Moosehaven and you will hear them repeated day after day by so many thankful residents.

Merry Christmas and a fantastic New Year to all of you from all us happy and grateful Moosehaven Residents

Send in by the Bard of Moosehaven, Everett C. Goodwin

Message from the Governor

Hello, this is your Governor, Steve.

I wanted to say Thank You for supporting your lodge. Volunteers are what keep the lodge alive! With that said, we are in need of your help.

There are a lot of events coming up in as we near another year-end and we could really use some more volunteers. We need volunteers to help in the kitchen, to help with parking, just to name a few areas.

Also, with Monday Night Bingo every week, we could really use more volunteers to help with that. It takes a large group of people each week to sell tickets and running a short game and sale quick games and help out in the kitchen. We need your support in this. And if you show up on Monday and they tell you they have enough people to work, stay and play.

I have heard and talked to people that have said, “I want to work and do things at the lodge but NO ONE calls me to ask for help”. I’m calling now, we need your help! If you get the weekly email from the lodge and you see something that is coming up and you can or would like to help out, call Mark at the lodge and say you would like to help.

I would also like to take a minute to talk about what goes on during the week at the lodge. This is one happening place. Check it out: Monday nights we have Bingo and Tuesday nights we have pool tournaments. Wednesday night we have a great supper special and the general meetings. Thursday night we have Corn Hole in the hall and Thursday Night Jam in the social quarters. Friday is a delicious dinner special and a Karaoke Jockey and as always the Queen of Hearts drawing. Saturday nights are kinda slow, so if you have any ideas about how we could boost this night, we would love to hear about it!! Sunday is NASCAR or Football. So if you think nothing is going on at YOUR lodge, think again, and come up and have some fun.

Also we have new machines coming and a Fantasy Sports Machine in the social quarters that you can play and WIN on. All events are open to members to participate in or just come and watch. Also if you have a friend or family that you would like to invite to the lodge and sign up, application are at the door right next to the visitor’s book.

Also, we are a family lodge, and I would like to take a minute to thank the people that took their time and energy to clean, paint and supply the kids room. l have to say, it is great, and my granddaughter loves it!

We have a wonderful group of people that have given their time to the lodge and have worked so hard to make it a successful lodge, I would like to thank each one of you. I hope to see more of you, our members, enjoying your lodge and the ”family” we have at your Roanoke Moose Lodge!

Your Governor, Steve Poff

Bard of Moosehaven

Mooseheart’s kids annual visit to Moosehaven

When they arrive they make our hearts shine
especially as they sit with us and dine

This is our chance to reach out and bond
as always this make us grow near and fond

Their pleasantness makes us want to stand up and sing
to let the whole world know of their special zing

As they grow and set such a high personal mark
we can see the will make it and this is no lark

Their dream and aspirations they will attain
for all their hard work will never be in vain

In their eyes we see our great leaders of the future
who will keep this America together with their own type of suture

The happiness we get from the warm glow of their smile
will be in our hearts forever and a mile

In their leaving a little sadness we will feel and fear
until they look back and say hope to see you next year

The Bard of Moosehaven, Everett C. Goodwin