Your Home Should be our Home

If your mind is starting to roam
for home repairs you need a loan

Cooking for yourself is becoming a chore
you re lie on others to get to the store

Putting things off for another day
saying medicine or food which one do I pay

No copay for the doctor I can not go
spending the winter shut in by snow

The car is old and needs repair
going up stairs you run out of air

Family has grown and moved away
each day alone I do stay

If on the highway you hate to drive
fearing each day you will never survive

In our lives we have no more danger
we do not fear of a knock from a stranger

If any of these dilemmas you have a few
our home we would gladly share with you

Moosehaven is the greatest place to stay
with helpful staff going out of their way

The Bard of Moosehaven


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